Going beyond.

Working here is more than just a job - it's an opportunity to make a real difference.

People who work at Babcock are here because they are really good at what they do. Fuelled by passion and guided by a strong sense of purpose, our people continue to preserve the Babcock legacy.

Being Babcock

These eight guiding principles live and breathe within our business.

In a service business, such as Babcock, it’s the people who really make a difference to how the company is perceived, both internally and externally. Our employees are encouraged to adopt these principles in their interactions with colleagues, customers and others.

Babcock Values

Our values will always remain at the heart of our business, where they have been since we began our journey.


Babcock offer a diverse number of career options.

As our business grows and our skill requirements change, we will always be looking for experienced professionals, trade and craft personnel. Applications are only accepted for open positions listed on the Babcock International website. Click here to view available job openings.

Day In The Life

Our people form the core of what makes us great.


Skills Development and Enterprise Development are the cornerstone of sustainable transformation.
Babcock has aligned its transformation activities with Skills Development, EE and B-BBEE requirements. Babcock has invested in a number of key initiatives that will have far-reaching positive benefits to the beneficiaries of these programmes and contribute to job creation as well as economic growth in the long-term.

Socio Economic Development (SED)

Babcock funds educational programmes with specific focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Our objective is to increase the number of engineering graduates, thereby creating a pool of trained engineers for the future.

Enterprise Development (ED)

Babcock selects deserving entrepreneurs to participate in Babcock’s ED programme. Entrepreneurs with the potential to become future suppliers are chosen from the fields of construction, recruitment, gardening, engineering, security & cleaning.