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Bull Skid Steer

Introducing the Bull Skid Steer: Compact, agile and fuel-saving powerhouse

Features at a glance:

  • Open Canopy or Enclosed Cab with AC Options
  • Suspension Seat with Operator Safety Lock
  • Pilot Operated Joysticks


  • 36.5 kW Kubota Engine
  • 655 kg Operating Capacity
  • 2.7 ton operating weight

The Bull Skid Steer, specifically the AV490, is designed to excel in tight spaces, offering two variants: canopy and cab with air conditioning. This compact and manoeuvrable machine is the ultimate solution for a wide range of applications, including construction, landscaping, agriculture, waste management and for working under conveyors.

The Bull Skid Steer is a tough and agile fuel saver, delivering exceptional performance while minimising fuel consumption. Its versatility is enhanced by the ability to easily interchange attachments, allowing you to tackle various tasks with efficiency and ease.

Experience the power and flexibility of the Bull Skid Steer, designed to navigate challenging environments and maximise productivity in diverse industries.

Discover the Bull Skid Steer range, exclusively available through Babcock, and unlock your project's full potential.

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For more information about the Bull Skid Steer, visit the Bull website.

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