SDLG graders are well balanced machines with excellent traction and great blade down force

SDLG graders perform reliably; are low maintenance and have a contemporary design. They are well-known in the industry for advanced driving and operational performance.

  • SDLG graders are used extensively in construction, road maintenance, mining, agriculture and other industries. Their main function is for levelling and excavating land for roads, airports and farmlands; transferring soil and crushed stones; ditching and scraping slopes; removing overburden and clearing.
  • In the G9920 the 164 kW Dalian Deutz engine, in combination with the ZF power shift transmission, delivers easy and reliable operation. The engine offers 3 distinct power curve settings, making the smoothest grade on any surface and reducing fuel consumption at the same time.
  • Design and layout of the graders is optimised by fully utilising the weight of the machine, evenly distributing the load, enhancing traction force and optimising downforce of the blade.
  • The machines have a frame mounted multi-section valve which results in optimized control, light and flexible operation.
  • Circle turns are driven by dual hydraulic cylinders which give high torque on the blade which increases productivity.

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