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Sennebogen Crawler Cranes

Crawler Cranes for heavy lifting works

Crawling cranes are designed with a lattice boom and multi-functional jib systems to lift heavy loads for a number of different applications. Highly recommended for turn-key projects, these types of cranes operate on treads, making them extremely versatile on challenging terrain. Outriggers are not necessary for users. 

Our durable fleet of Sennebogen lattice boom crawler cranes is attractive to contractors because of their stability, heavy lifting capacities, and, of course, their operator advantages. Regardless of the crane machine you choose to work with, this type of construction crane is, compact and comfortable to operate. It also offers self-assembly, saving time and resources on projects.

Benefits of using a Sennebogen lattice boom crawler crane:

This crane has a capacity of up to 300 tons.
Safe movement of the portable crane with up to 90 percent of maximum load.
An easy self-assembly-system and cost-efficient transportation.
Compact upper carriage, undercarriage and boom design.
Extremely large lifting range in height and reach, with variable lattice boom (e.g. luffing jib).
Safe lifting jobs under difficult ground conditions.
Up to 150 metres hook height when at maximum boom length.
A powerful diesel engine in the upper carriage of the crawler crane.
The cab offers comfort with intuitive handling and steering for the crawler crane operator.

Click to browse an overview of the range: 2200E, 4400G, 5500G, 7700G630E , 655 HD Crawler670 HD Crawler , ​6100E, 6140 HD Crawler, 6300E, 1100E

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