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Babcock offers a flexible range of pre-defined service plans for your DAF truck.

You decide the level of service by selecting one of 3 pre-defined plans. Our range of servicing, repair and maintenance options can help you control costs, minimise downtime and maximise vehicle availability. No matter which alternative you choose, it is possible to add services that are of particular value to you.


This plan includes changing filters, oil and parts according to agreed service intervals. In addition we perform a 21 point health check so that minor faults can be diagnosed before they develop into costly repairs. If anything is discovered that requires action over and above what has been agreed, we inform you in advance and provide a cost estimate.

This plan incorporates preventive maintenance and driveline repairs. In addition to the offering in the FLEET plan, the ADVANTAGE plan includes repairs to the driveline - the engine, transmission and axles.

The DELUXE plan is the most inclusive option and encompasses preventive maintenance as well as all truck repairs. Apart from all that is covered in the FLEET and ADVANTAGE plans, it also covers any additional repairs to the truck including brakes, suspension systems and cab.

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