A Day in the Life of Thando

Explore a day of precision and passion as Thando navigates the inner workings of heavy machinery.

At Babcock's workshop in Middelburg, Thando, a seasoned mechanic, navigates heavy machinery with precision. Integral to daily operations, Thando begins by evaluating construction equipment, setting the stage for a day filled with challenges and victories.

A Day in the Life of Thando

Thando's expertise stems from a lifelong fascination with gears and engines, evolving into a practical passion for mechanics. Raised in Middelburg, Thando's childhood curiosity laid the foundation for a career that defies stereotypes.

Day-to-day tasks involve hands-on problem-solving, addressing everything from complex issues to routine maintenance. Thando's influence extends beyond the workshop, actively engaging in mentorship and community outreach, inspiring the next generation of mechanics and challenging gender norms.

In Middelburg's heart, Thando enriches the workshop and community, participating in local events and sharing insights with colleagues. Thando's narrative is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and expertise, leaving an indelible mark on the world of mechanics and beyond.

Watch Thando's story on YouTube HERE


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