DAF's Super Space Cab on a cross-country road trip

Our Transport Solutions business takes the DAF XF Super Space Cab on the road with launch events throughout South Africa

Our Transport Solutions business is showcasing the DAF XF Super Space Cab at launch events around the country where existing and potential customers get to experience the sheer volume of the new cab firsthand. The first event was held in Cape Town, followed by one in KwaZulu Natal. Next up is Middelburg.

DAF's Super Space Cab on a cross-country road trip

The DAF XF Super Space Cab launch at Bloemendal Wine Estate in Cape Town.

Largest cab to work and live in
The interior of the cab is the kingdom of the driver. No one knows this better than DAF. With 12.6 cubic meters of volume, the DAF XF Super Space Cab driver has the biggest cab available to work and live in.

Drivers deserve the best
When creating a truck to roll on into the future, one must think ahead. So we started with an open mind for the drivers future needs. Providing more comfort, more safety. Changing the concept of a drivers workplace.

If everyone can work from his own living room today, shouldn't a driver be also entitled to that possibility? This may sound odd. But it is what we did: changing a driver's workspace into his living room.

The DAF XF offers an abundance of space. The work and living space of 12.6 m3 and standing hight of 2.25 m in the Super Space Cab are unequalled. If your gear does not fit in a DAF cab, you are simply bringing too much. The XF Super Space Cab has more than 1.000 litres of stowing place divided in practical zones.

Sleeping like at home... or even better
At DAF we know: a fit driver is a safer driver. That is why the DAF bunk always has been among the best. And we made it even better. It now comes with 2.20 m. long and a 16 cm thick pocket spring mattress with almost 900 stainless steel springs and three comfort zones. In the middle it is 80 cm wide, behind the chairs 70 cm. This guarantees a perfect rest.



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