Sennebogen put to the test

E-series material handler in action in German scrapyard

The 825 E material handler will complement the SENNEBOGEN product portfolio as a machine for multiple uses. One of the first machines of the new E-Series was scrutinized in Regensburg, Germany by RVR (Rohstoffverwertung Regensburg GmbH).

The SENNEBOGEN 825 E-series put to the test in German scrapyard. The material handler is used for all sorting and loading work required at the scrapyard.

The E-series is the latest generation of machines and engines compliant with emission level IV. The SENNEBOGEN 825 represents six decades of experience in mechanical engineering as well as state-of-the-art technology and optimal fuel economy under continuous heavy-duty operation.

Faster, better, wider

SENNEBOGEN material handlers are a familiar sight at RVR in Regensburg. However, the new addition to the pool still arouses the interest of machine operators. Of course, any new machine must be subject to careful inspection and extensive testing. Operator Richard Maier has been operating the new material handlers for some days, taking his time to become familiar with the additional power reserves and the greater reach. "I usually operate a SENNEBOGEN 821", he explains. "But this rig sometimes lacks capacity, e.g. when sorting materials across and over containers", explains the experienced machine operator. "The new 825 plays in a different league", he enthuses about his new machine. "It is faster, better and reaches further than its predecessor. Simply one class up from the 821".

With its reach of 13 m and powerful 129-kW diesel engine, this next-generation material handler is optimally suited for the diverse sorting and loading jobs to be performed at the yard. The mobile variant weighs approx. 28.8 tons. It impresses with optimal serviceability, easy access to all components and a structured layout of its uppercarriage.

Improved performance and enhanced operator cab

At RVR, the SENNEBOGEN 825 is used for all sorting and loading work. Meier and his machine are a sought-after team: in the hall to heap and load metal chips onto trucks or in the yard to sort stamping and punching waste. Thanks to the mobile undercarriage with 4-point outriggers, the material handler can move swiftly from A to B while remaining safely and firmly in place when put to work.

The material handler is fitted with a genuine SENNEBOGEN SGM multi-shell grab with a capacity of 600 liters and 5 grab shells. The combination of machine and grapple ensures optimal actuation for particularly delicate work and an optimal adjustment of the machine, allowing it to provide ultimate performance day after day.

The comfortable Maxcab is easily and safely accessed through the sliding door fitted as standard. Compared to its predecessor, the cab shows many new features. The operator's workplace has been ergonomically optimized to reduce fatigue to the minimum. The joysticks have been completely revised and are now even more pleasant to the touch. The panel holding the switches and instruments is directly mounted to the new comfort seat. It follows the seat's movements for optimal operator convenience. The cab can be elevated by 2.70 m to provide an optimal view of the work area, as is standard for all SENNEBOGEN material handlers

"A great machine – that has really proved its worth on the job. To me, this is the optimal machine size for any work that needs to be done in the scrapyard", confirms operator Richard Maier only few days after putting the machine to a hands-on trial. 


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