Volvo Services

Where intelligent engineering meets business solutions

To ensure your business runs smoothly, Volvo invests in the intelligent engineering of all their machines – but it doesn’t stop there. Volvo trust Babcock to support your equipment with a portfolio of products and services designed by Volvo to complement your machine’s performance and boost your profitability.

Volvo Services

Uptime Services
Keep your machine and business up and running with Volvo Uptime. Our service technicians use innovative technology to monitor your machine, diagnose problems early and proactively take corrective actions towards a sustainable resolution. Stay on track with planned servicing and keep your asset covered with our range of flexible maintenance and repair options, and the latest software.

Fuel Efficiency Services
Get a grip on fuel consumption with a range of Fuel Efficiency Services, including consultancy and fuel reports that are designed to cut operating costs and maximize your profitability. With machine information at your fingertips, you can take corrective actions to improve working practices – reducing overall fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. And, with operator training, you can enhance operator skills and optimize fuel efficiency.

Productivity Services
Get the most out of your Volvo. From smart Volvo Assist solutions, to site setup and machine configuration, we have what you need to do more – and earn more. Boost the productivity of your Volvo fleet and performance of your entire site with our range of machine options, smart Volvo Co-Pilot solutions and training packages, tailored to your needs.

Safety Services - protecting you and your business
Safety is built into every design element of Volvo machines, ensuring every working shift ends without a hitch. Our range of safety and security features reduce the risk of accidents, interruptions and unexpected costs. Our vision of zero accidents demonstrates our commitment to the safety of all personnel and equipment, making sure you get the job done – and get home safe every day.

Financial Services
With flexible financial and insurance solutions, we can help grow and protect your business. From a single unit to an entire fleet, new or used, we’ll customize a solution to meet your needs and match your income. We’re quick to respond and easy to do business with.

Volvo Attachments
Get the most out of your machine with a wide range of Volvo attachments. Our selection of Volvo attachments is designed to perfectly match your machine – resulting in one secure and reliable unit, for improved cycle times and better fuel efficiency.

Genuine Volvo Parts
Retain high performance and peace of mind with Genuine Volvo Parts, because every component is part of something bigger. Maintain productivity and machine uptime with our range of readily available, tested and approved parts – all backed by Volvo warranty. Only by using Genuine Volvo Parts, can you protect your investment, extend machine lifecycle and guarantee long-lasting performance.

New Life Services
Extend the life of your Volvo. Rediscover the renowned qualities of your machine, refurbished and refined to meet regulations and deliver like-new performance.


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