Atlantis Mining chooses new Volvo R60D rigid haulers

This opencast coal mining subcontracting company continues to grow its fleet of Volvo Construction Equipment supplied by Babcock.

Quintin O'Reilly, Equipment Sales Representative for Babcock, says that Atlantis Mining’s recently purchased eight new Volvo R60D rigid haulers are the first to be sold in South Africa, and will be put to the test in rugged opencast coal mining conditions.

Atlantis Mining chooses new Volvo R60D rigid haulers

The first four Volvo R60Ds were handed over to Atlantis Mining on 14 July and are already in operation at a colliery where they are being used primarily for the removal of blasted rock and hard overburden, with the remaining four haulers to be delivered in October this year.

“The R60Ds will complement our existing fleet of Terex and Volvo Construction Equipment, among them Terex TR60s and a number of Volvo A40F and A40G articulated dump trucks,” says Managing director of Atlantis Mining, Mark Johnstone. “Thanks to Quintin and the Babcock team for another great deal and product handover.”

Atlantis Mining’s longstanding relationship with Babcock dates back to 2000 when the company was appointed as the sole distributor for Volvo Construction Equipment in southern Africa. Over the past two decades, and following the acquisition of Terex Trucks by Volvo Construction Equipment in June 2014, the alliance between the two businesses has been firmly cemented, primarily through Babcock’s extensive experience and customer-focused approach as well as Atlantis Mining’s appreciation of Terex, and subsequently, Volvo trucks.

The new Volvo R60D rigid haulers stay true to their TR60 Terex Trucks roots in design principles, but include Volvo updates and modifications in line with Volvo’s exacting brand standards. Simplicity of design and use remains key, while premium engines ensure high performance. The complete drivetrain design and configuration offers impressive tractive effort, ideal for traversing the steep slopes often encountered at mining and quarrying worksites.

O'Reilly says that the Volvo D-Series rigid haulers represent reliability in action, specifically designed to reduce operating costs through lower fuel consumption and optimised machine availability. “The optimally balanced machines haul more tonnes per hour, due to their combination of power, tractive force, comfort and productivity-enhancing systems. This means our customers can meet production targets faster and boost the profitability of their business,” he explains.

Johnstone believes the Volvo R60D to be the most cost-effective, reliable, rigid truck on the market that is also simple to maintain and operate. “Nothing comes close to the rand per tonne yield of the R60D, and any minor issues can be quickly fixed without the need for specialised training,” says Johnstone, adding that when serious breakdowns do arise, a Babcock technician is always readily available to see to the problem. 

Other features that keep running costs of the new Volvo R60D low include:

  • Selectable shift patterns allowing operators to choose the best mode for the task at hand by adapting to loads and jobsite conditions, all the while maintaining smooth, consistent gearshifts and low fuel consumption
  • A centrally mounted transmission for optimum machine weight distribution of load impacts and structural stresses across the tires, resulting in significantly reduced operating costs
  • Durably designed components to ensure machines maintain lasting performance under testing conditions
  • Uptime-enhancing components for long-term value such as the transmission retarder which reduces the machine’s speed and eliminates the unnecessary use of service brakes.

The powerful Volvo R60D haulers are designed to perform and engineered to move material faster and more efficiently with heavy-duty hauls to cut cycle times. A high capacity torque converter supplies high levels of rimpull for scaling slopes effortlessly, while the Volvo cab offers operators superior levels of convenience and comfort. Safety features strongly on the new R60D and is built into every design aspect, with ROPS (rollover protection structure)-certified body canopy, superb visibility and unrestricted access to all essential service points.

The three new Volvo D-Series rigid haulers, construction trucks supplied by Babcock – the R45D, R60D and R70D – are all based on the well-proven Terex Trucks TR-Series, and cover payload capacities from 41 to 65 tonnes. Engineered with uptime in mind, the strong and robust haulers are uncomplicated, easy to maintain, and meet the demands of tough job sites with proven long-lasting performance and structurally strong frames that exceed industry requirements.

Managing director of Atlantis Mining, Mark Johnstone thanked Quintin and the Babcock team for another great deal and product handover.


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