Mduduzi Ntuli

A day in the life of a Mechanical Engineer

Who am I?
I am a mechanical engineer with a degree from University of Pretoria. I have been working for Babcock for 4 years. 

Mduduzi Ntuli

My favourite part of the job
Designing new hardware to be manufactured at our factory and working with our projects team to construct transmission lines.  Our engineering team's input provides solutions for Eskom and other utilities in Africa to provide electricity thus creating employment, stimulate economic growth and improve quality of life in many communities.

Most challenging thing I've ever done
Designing innovative solutions that have led to substantial increase in client confidence and orders. To constantly improve quality, exceed engineering standards and introduce new processes - thereby optimizing our product range. 

My typical day
My morning starts with a meeting with engineering and quality departments to prioritize work for the day and address issues from the previous day. I analyse client requirements and work with our draughting team to design and create drawings of solutions that meet these requirements.  In the process, I interact with our production department and visit the factory to monitor the manufacturing and offer technical advice where required.