Telemetry for generators

The importance of telemetry in mobile power generation

Babcock is a trusted supplier of standby power generation solutions. We design, manufacture, assemble and provide aftermarket support. Our solutions meet off the grid or backup requirements for industries ranging from large industrial and mining to commercial applications and smaller solutions which are ideal for corporate and household use. Whether it’s the entire equipment unit you need or simply a turnkey power solution, Babcock delivers customised power solutions that meet your needs through flexible and cost-effective technology.

Telemetry for generators

Why telemetry is critical for business operations
Telemetry allows the most efficient use of energy for systems that are determined by multi-site monitoring (for example, in factories, buildings and homes). These systems also facilitate the predictive maintenance of generators and equipment in general. Companies now have the opportunity to reduce costs, increase efficiency, productivity and safety just by making data-driven, strategic decisions through telemetry monitoring systems.

Babcock's telemetry solution helps you to monitor movements by tracking location, flagging intervals, detecting faults and compiling detailed reports of engine hours. We make use of a locally developed ‘Machine to Machine’ (M2M) remote platform which is designed to provide proactive status and possible failure visibility of engines and generators deployed in the field. Critical generator and engine data are also available within moments of an event, and our interfaces are adjustable to any engine via RS232 to a Modbus capable device such as a Deepsea generator controller.

Going mobile with Babcock
The advantage of our highly successful, flexible mobile generator units is that we supply power where grid power is unavailable or unstable. We’ve designed a 50 KVA four-pack mobile generator unit, with our latest addition to this mobile solution being a 25 KVA twin-pack. The twin-pack makes it possible for more than one operator to weld at the same time while providing auxiliary power for grinding and lighting. Both can be used as generator or welding plants and can be towed by a standard light commercial vehicle.

Additional benefits of monitoring systems for fleet vehicles
Telemetry is changing the industry, making mobile power generation more competitive than ever. Not only does telemetry impact the equipment, but the operator and the job itself. And, the more this type of technology grows, the more it will evolve and help companies to become more efficient than ever before. If fleet ownders embrace this technology, they will quickly position themselves as leaders in the industry.

Trusted to deliver power generation solutions
Babcock’s generator sets are specifically designed to suit your business requirements. With an expert team of engineers who offer both innovative solutions and aftermarket support, Babcock will assist you with a monitoring system which addresses performance concerns and helps you to streamline and improve your business operations. For more information or to request a quote contact the team today.


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