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On-Line Cleaning

Detonative cleaning of industrial boilers during full operation and at high temperature.

By means of a lance, explosive charges are placed in the boiler through existing openings and are detonated in a controlled manner, so that slags and deposits are removed. This patented detonative cleaning technique can be performed during full production and at extreme temperatures. A first boiler inspection takes place with a specially designed heat resistant camera system to ascertain the level of pollution in the unit. Thereafter, a series of small detonations are performed in the boiler to remove the identified pollution and deposits. This process can be monitored live for immediate qualification of the cleaning process. Operational availability is immediately improved, the units integrity can not be destroyed and downtime is a thing of the past.

This cleaning method can also be utilised in units which are offline for 'safety cleaning'. As soon as the unit is taken out of operation, large burnt deposits must be removed from the unit, so that maintenance personnel can access the installation safely.

  • Independent patent holder for detonative cleaning of industrial boilers
  • Certified blasting engineers
  • Highest level safety first
  • Experienced team operate in extremely high temperatures
  • Heat resistant camera systems up to 1600°C
  • Installation fully operational during cleaning process
  • Improved performance and availability – no downtime
  • Qualified results – before and after video
  • ‘Safety Cleaning’ prior to inspections or maintenance of installation
  • Online or offline solutions
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