Industrial Generators

Design, manufacture, assembly and aftermarket support of generators.

Babcock specialises in the design, manufacture, assembly and aftermarket support of generators for leading brands. With an extensive workforce of highly experienced and skilled engineers, Babcock can offer flexible and customised power generation services. We work to ensure that all of your project’s requirements can be met through top-of-the-line service standards and at minimal costs.

The design of the four-pack and twin-pack mobile generator brought the industry a lot of success where grid power was not available. Our desire to innovate technological advancements made it possible for large construction sites to have access to turnkey power solutions.

Babcock is trusted to deliver continuous and standby power generation solutions for a variety of sectors ranging from large industrial companies to mining and commercial projects, as well as smaller solutions for corporates.

As a generator manufacturer, Babcock supplies a range of computerised systems and additional solutions to ensure the effective running of every generator’s power supply. Through telemetry systems, you can be alerted of maintenance requirements and failures of the generator, extend the life of your generator, and reduce unnecessary break downs.

Our solutions guarantee cost-effective performance and absolute efficiency throughout your day-to-day operations.



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