10 DAF trucks for Maxillaria Logistics

DAF trucks for long haul contract from Durban to Zambia

Ten brand new DAF XF105.460 units were delivered to the Alberton premises of Maxillaria Logistics, and were immediately put onto a long-haul contract between Durban Harbour and the Zambian Copperbelt. As newcomers to the South African market, Maxillaria Logistics found it challenging to secure credit lines. Babcock was able to offer the company a suitable finance structure and a repair and maintenance contract, standard with all trucks financed via Babcock Financial Services.

10 DAF trucks for Maxillaria Logistics

Maxillaria Logistics is an established operator in other Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries. Their Zimbabwean operation had 150 trucks in 2014. When the company launched in South Africa in 2016, they bought 15 second-hand trucks for cash, and have quickly built up the business on the strength of an extensive customer network.

Maxillaria logistics buys 10 new DAF XF trucks

Maxillaria Logistics exhibits a strong customer foundation, sound management experience and great potential for growth; which is why Babcock was able to offer Maxillaria a finance structure that suited their business model, through our own dedicated finance company, Babcock Financial Services.

As part of the deal, the ten DAF trucks will also be covered by a repair and maintenance contract to ensure smooth operation and peace of mind.

“Meeting a company like Babcock, with its entrepreneurial approach and great product line-up, was a breakthrough for us – and we look forward to working with them closely as we grow our business further. I really appreciate the fact that Babcock was able to view the opportunity from an entrepreneurial point of view.” - Bernard Lunga