A win win win situation

Power by the Hour, Volvo CareTrack & rebuild options on construction equipment

Our tailor-made aftersales service contracts are increasing productivity for customers, protecting the residual value of owners’ machinery, and transferring risks associated with maintenance away from the customer.

A win win win situation

Babcock is among the top companies in southern Africa in terms of servicing facilities and technological training in the construction equipment industry. A major portion of turnover is generated by customer service contracts. As part of our comprehensive aftermarket support capabilities, every customer has access to the following services: Power by the Hour, Volvo CareTrack, and a re-build offering.

power by the hour

Power by the Hour provides the owner with a fixed maintenance cost over an extended period of time based on a fixed sum per hour of machine usage. Machine owners are therefore assured of an accurate cost projection and largely avoid the costs associated with downtime. The contract includes the option of purchasing an extended warranty to give customers further peace of mind.

Power by the Hour assists in protecting the residual value of a machine by increasing its future trade-in value. It also aligns with the customer’s cash flow - they only pay when the machine is utilised. An upfront rate is agreed upon that fixes the price of maintenance and parts for the first twelve months of the contract.

These tailor-made contracts transfer the risk of component failure away from the customer and relieve the owner of the need to stock components. There is no inventory for the customer to carry as Babcock technicians are equipped with all the necessary components and tools to service the machinery on site, thus improving up-time and productivity.

Another advantage of the Power by the Hour service contract is access to technological progress – a benefit that is passed on to the customer. We also have a fully functional training centre that offers courses to Babcock technicians as well as our customers.

Volvo CareTrack

CareTrack is the Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system which transfers data from machinery to Babcock’s dedicated internal service department. This remote monitoring system can be used to set service reminders in advance allowing sufficient time for the necessary resources to be deployed, and as an early warning system for potential component breakdown.

With this system our technicians can identify when components need to be replaced or repaired, addressing any maintenance issues before they become costly problems later. The system can also be used to geo-fence machines and track operating hours.


The rebuild offer is specifically geared towards the mining sector where machinery rapidly clocks up high production hours. Once a machine's warranty has lapsed, customers are offered the option of refurbishment as opposed to trading in or buying new, where possible. This cost-saving alternative provides further hours of productivity from the refurbished machine, while Babcock parts and services extend the warranty for an additional 12 months.

Aftersales support service is available across our extensive branch network throughout South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Mozambique. Technicians can also be dispatched to remote locations in Africa with all the tools and diagnostics necessary to complete a service.