Babcock achieves exceptional safety record

Babcock at Kusile Power Station achieves an outstanding safety milestone of 3,500,000 manhours without an LTI, underscoring our unwavering commitment to a secure working environment. This success is driven by a robust safety culture, visible leadership, meticulous planning, and proactive risk mitigation.

Babcock achieves exceptional safety record

Babcock is pleased to announce our exceptional safety accomplishments at Kusile Power Station, reflecting an unwavering commitment to a secure working environment. Our success is rooted in a deep commitment to teamwork and excellence, instilling in every team member the mindset of being the best subcontractor on-site. This philosophy is not merely spoken but lived through daily toolbox talks, safety stand-downs, and strict adherence to safety controls. These practices have collectively nurtured a safety culture second to none, considering the inherent risks and challenges associated with construction activities.

Critical to our safety strategy at Kusile is meticulous planning of critical activities, identifying potential risks, and implementing robust mitigation plans. It's about proactively addressing challenges rather than reacting to them. Visible leadership is paramount, and frequent audits across workstations ensure alignment with safety protocols outlined in method statements.

An initiative particularly effective in promoting a safety-first culture is the Yenza Okufanele program. Going beyond routine safety measures, it encourages team members to think deeply about the best approach to a task before initiating it. This has created a culture of thoughtfulness, honesty, and integrity among our team members, reinforcing the importance of mindful execution.

Maintaining high safety standards comes with its challenges. External influences added complexity, especially in terms of reporting near misses. Overcoming these challenges required building trust within the team. We assured team members that reporting near misses would not result in repercussions but would contribute to the collective goal of eliminating risks.

Employee engagement is pivotal in maintaining a robust safety culture. Various initiatives, including incentives for reporting near misses and recognition certificates for the Safety Person of the Month, have been implemented. These efforts not only encourage active participation but also foster a sense of collective responsibility.

Recognising and rewarding individual and collective efforts is essential in reinforcing the importance of safety. Our Safety Star of the Month program acknowledges outstanding contributions, instilling pride and responsibility among team members. These programs serve as powerful motivators, driving a continuous commitment to safety excellence.

Looking ahead, sustaining our excellent safety record remains a top priority. We emphasise the importance of every team member playing their part in maintaining our safety standards. Reflecting on past successes, we encourage the team to remain focused and committed. This vision not only underscores our dedication to safety but also serves as a rallying point for our collective efforts.

Client support has been a cornerstone of our success, with consistent recognition for every safety milestone achieved. This support has been a crucial factor in motivating our team and reinforcing the significance of our safety initiatives. Building strong partnerships with all stakeholders has proven to be the fuel propelling our organisation toward success. These partnerships go beyond contractual obligations, creating an environment where safety is a shared responsibility.

In conclusion, our safety achievements at Kusile Power Station are a testament to collaboration, commitment, and proactive safety measures. By sharing our experiences, we hope to inspire and guide other teams on their journey to achieving similar safety milestones. Safety is not just a goal; it's a continuous journey that requires dedication, innovation, and a collective commitment to sending every team member home safely.


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