Beware of job scams

Warning against online recruitment scams

It has come to our attention that Scammers are contacting people and offering bogus employment opportunities that purport to come from Babcock. As a company we are treating this fraud very seriously and we hope that by making visitors to our website aware of this scam fewer will fall victim to it.


Beware of job scams


The following steps will ensure that you do not become a victim of this kind of fraud:

  • Never send money to people you are not familiar with. Babcock will never request money in connection with a job opportunity.
  • Never supply personal or financial information to a third party you do not know, or who you suspect of being fraudulent.
  • End all communication if you become suspicious and, if you feel it is appropriate, report the incident to the Police
  • Do not use the telephone number you have been given. Look up the genuine telephone number and use that.


What to do if you receive an unsolicited email
If you receive unsolicited emails offering employment opportunities with Babcock you can let us know by emailing (note: if the suspicious email appears to have come from then manually type in the address rather than use the Reply button).

Please do not forward the email to us but send it to us as an attachment.

How does the scam work?
The idea of the scam is to obtain cash from victims by offering lucrative jobs that do not exist. Once you have accepted the non-existent job the Scammers will request money. They claim that the money is to pay for work visas, passport clearance or payment to other organisations which will help secure you the position.

The scams originate from fake company websites, and can often seem very genuine, even naming a Babcock employee. The documentation can also look genuine as the Scammers will often use the company logo. The scam itself may take various forms but ultimately the goal is to persuade you to part with cash in return for employment. Before this step you may be required to fill in application forms giving personal details, including bank account details. Never give out your bank details unless you are certain that the recipient is genuine.

What to look for in an email from Babcock
Genuine correspondence from Babcock originates from a domain and is never sent from Google, Yahoo, Hotmail or other internet hosted account. All our emails and internet pages are also hosted via

However, some Scammers clone the domain address so that it looks as though the email has genuinely come from Babcock. The way to check this is to hit the Reply button. If the email is fraudulent then the domain address showing in the browser will switch from to a similar looking address. It is safer therefore to type in the address manually rather than use the Reply button.


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