Critical asset support

Babcock’s critical asset support has lift-off in Africa

Babcock International is extending the group’s bespoke engineering and complex asset management services to the defence, emergency and security sectors in southern Africa. These services are delivered in highly regulated environments to improve the reliability, capability and availability of critical assets through essential equipment supply and maintenance, and specialised training.

Critical asset support

Based on the company’s ability to operate in the most critical and complex circumstances and in extreme and challenging conditions, Babcock offers defence customers access to unrivalled expertise and resources.   

In the United Kingdom Babcock has been providing complex asset management and training to navies, air forces and specialised emergency and rescue services for decades, with projects that extend across land, air, water and nuclear. While the southern Africa operation is largely associated with engineering support services for the power generation, mining and construction equipment sectors, locally the company is well equipped to service both civil and defence customers.  

Babcock is primed to deliver complex asset management capabilities in southern Africa as it has the technical skills and expertise to manage large-scale, complex portfolios, supported by the international group’s highly skilled engineering services. 

Internationally, Babcock is the United Kingdom’s leading naval support business, having worked closely with the Royal Navy and Ministry of Defence for decades. Their services, now also available in southern Africa, encompass naval base management and base-porting, refitting, refuelling and decommissioning of submarines, and maintaining and refitting warships. Babcock also provides military training and support to the Royal Navy and has collaborative relationships with navies, national bodies and commercial marine operations around the globe. Market segments include naval platforms, submarines, surface ships, naval infrastructure, design and technology-led programmes, specialist engineering services and systems, weapons handling and launch systems.

Babcock International is one of the largest non-commercial aircraft owners in the world, operating around the globe to guarantee equipment uptime and availability. We procure and operate the aircraft, meet servicing requirements and ensure constant availability of reliable machinery and expertly trained personnel. 

Fourteen countries across the world rely on Babcock’s critical aviation services. The organisation operates a fleet of medical helicopters, aircraft for search and rescue flights and fire-fighting aircraft. These are operated by experienced Babcock pilots, medical staff and specialised search and rescue crew. In addition, the Royal Air Force and the French air force rely heavily on Babcock’s military aviation training and equipment support.

On land Babcock is the largest supplier of comprehensive military land support services to the UK Ministry of Defence. The company provides fleet management and full logistics support, from the provision of spare parts to operator training on a global availability basis. Babcock also provides civil fleet, emergency services and airport ground support as well as civil, emergency and automotive training, rail network support and end-to-end delivery of power solutions. 

In the nuclear energy field Babcock boasts unrivalled experience and specialist knowledge across all aspects of the nuclear energy lifecycle through its subsidiary nuclear services provider.

We provide support to those who are defending borders, fighting crime, responding to natural disasters and delivering critical national infrastructure, and we have the technology, expertise and resources to give them the backing they deserve. No other company in South Africa has these capabilities.

Babcock is a UK-listed company that has been established in South Africa for more than 120 years, with a comprehensive understanding of complex engineering that allows the organisation to provide optimised solutions that deliver best integrated value for money and keep operational costs to a minimum.  


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