DAF does it again!

Repeat stellar performance in Truck Test 2017

The DAF XF outperformed its competitors in Truck Test 2017, an event where competing truck brands are put through their paces on an equal footing. For this test the trucks are supplied with two types of trailers – either tautliner interlinks, or triaxle flat-deck semi trailers – and a set load for each.

DAF does it again!

The DAF XF 105.460 was entered into the triaxle category, with driver trainer Denford Mamvura at the wheel while Garry Webber, GM - Technical Services, participated as an observer in a competitor vehicle. The DAF XF came out on top with a payload productivity factor of 45.7.

Average payload: 30 620 kg   
Average speed: 66.1 km/h
Average fuel consumption: 44.29 litres/100 km

Determining a vehicle’s ultimate performance in a fleet is challenging because there are many variables. The trucks don’t pull the same weight or drive the same routes and drivers may be unfamiliar with the trucks. The Truck Test format levels the playing field. The route offered a good test of ability and was a true representation of what the majority of trucks experience daily.

This is a repeat stellar performance from DAF, proving to the industry that DAF trucks offer superior performance and improve operator profitability. In 2015, the DAF XF 105.460 was the overall top performer in the tautliner interlink category.


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