DAF reaches for the Skye

DAF XF 480 FTT Premium Plus models a winner for companies transporting hazardous chemicals

Transporting thousands of litres of fuel around the country may seem daunting, but without this essential service, the gears of economy would quite literally stand still. Naturally, safety is the primary concern for fuel distributors, so when Skye Logistics, an up-and-coming fuel distributor throughout South Africa and neighbouring states, was in the market for new trucks, the company sought out a vehicle that had outstanding safety features.

DAF reaches for the Skye

Fitting the bill was the brand new DAF XF truck launched by Babcock earlier this year, which comes with enhanced features that not only ensure the highest possible safety of the driver and other road users, but also contribute to vehicle versatility, fuel efficiency and comfort.

Craig Moralee, MD of Skye Logistics, says the DAF XF 480 FTT Premium Plus models in particular stood out for companies transporting hazardous chemicals, owing to the safety features offered by the latest technology.

The DAF XF 480 FTT Premium Plus models are available with liquid transport software that is applicable to all tanker transport applications, in particular for tanks without partitions or partly filled tanks. Babcock sales executive Alec Jackson explains that in the standard TraXon gear shift logic, back and forward moving loads, such as oscillating liquid in a tank, can adversely affect the gear shift timing and gear selection, and therefore affect the overall handling of the vehicle combination. In the software version for liquid transport, this effect can be significantly reduced. The modified gear shift strategy includes default drive-off in the third gear in order to counteract oscillation, and is activated by a dashboard switch.

Moralee adds that a further motivating factor for purchasing five new DAF XF 480 FTT Premium Plus is the overall reduced cost of ownership, especially with regards to fuel consumption. “We are expecting significant savings when compared to the previous model.”

With higher torque at lower revs in combination with optimised drivelines, new high-efficiency rear axles, enhanced electronics performance and aerodynamic improvements, the fuel distributor can expect increased fuel efficiency of up to 10% for long-haul journeys.

“We have had a good relationship with Babcock and DAF to date, and trust it will continue in the years to come,” enthuses Moralee.

Find out more about the new trucks here >>


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