Determination and cutting-edge design

Meet Obed Salman, a highly self-motivated individual who has made remarkable strides in his career at Babcock Ntuthuko Engineering.

Meet Obed Salman, a highly self-motivated individual who has made remarkable strides in his career at Babcock Ntuthuko Engineering. While working as a draughtsman at the company, Obed demonstrated his dedication by completing certifications and a distance learning Bachelor of Technology degree. Despite the challenges of managing multiple commitments, Obed's optimism and hard work paid off, and he is now a qualified Mechanical Engineer.

Determination and cutting-edge design

One of the aspects Obed appreciates most about working at Babcock is the abundance of opportunities for personal and professional growth. The company nurtures its employees' skills and encourages them to produce exceptional results. Obed finds fulfilment in innovative projects that allow him to make a difference and help others. At Babcock, the shared vision and dedicated team members create a positive organisational culture that fosters motivation and inspiration. Obed also enjoys the sense of accomplishment that comes with overcoming deadlines and witnessing projects surpass expectations.

Technology plays a significant role in Obed's work, contributing to the creation of a safer and more secure world. As a draughtsman, he utilized 3D scanning and modelling packages, enabling fast, accurate, and cost-effective work. In his engineering role, Obed relies on structural and piping analysis software to ensure precise outputs. These technological tools enable Babcock to deliver safe and reliable services to clients, ultimately enhancing a safe and secure world for us to live in.

Reflecting on his experience as a Babcock graduate, Obed values the practical exposure he gained during that time. Applying the knowledge acquired in university to real-world scenarios provided invaluable learning experiences. He particularly enjoyed the opportunity to travel to different project locations, gather data, conduct research, and present reports to supervisors. Obed also emphasises the importance of seeking advice from senior engineering staff, observing professionals in action, and learning about health and safety guidelines. Exploring various engineering disciplines within Babcock's engineering department broadened his understanding of processes and applications.

When asked to offer advice to aspiring engineers, Obed underscores the significance of identifying personal inspiration and emulating successful engineers' behaviours. Perseverance is crucial, as engineering is a challenging field. He encourages individuals to attempt problem-solving independently before seeking assistance and suggests securing internships to gain practical experience while studying. Lastly, Obed highlights the importance of building professional relationships and networks early on, rather than waiting until job opportunities are required.

Working at Babcock provides Obed with an opportunity to be involved in a cutting-edge design, construction, and maintenance environment. In the design phase, advanced software packages are utilised to sketch ideas, make modifications, and develop models that ensure clients receive reliable products while optimizing operational costs. The same designs are then implemented in construction projects across various sites, such as the installation of low NOx burners at client facilities. Currently, Obed is actively engaged in the maintenance environment, where he focuses on identifying and managing risks that could impact asset reliability and disrupt business operations.

Obed's journey at Babcock showcases the company's commitment to nurturing talent, leveraging technology for positive impact, and actively participating in sustainability initiatives. Through dedication, innovation, and a supportive work environment, Babcock and individuals like Obed are driving progress and ensuring a safe and secure world, together.


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