Full steam ahead

Kusile Power Station contract

Following the completion of the design, manufacture and erect contract for the replacement of the main steam pipework at Matimba Power Station, Babcock was awarded the contract for the balanced erection of 5 high pressure pipework systems at Kusile Power Station by Mitsubishi Hitachi (MHPSA).  Our Kusile team will perform the rigging and geometrical alignment of the piping for the main steam and hot/cold reheat systems that deliver steam between the boiler and turbine, together with feed water and auxiliary systems. We are preparing to complete Unit 2 for hydraulic testing and have achieved 500 000 LTI free man-hours to date.

Full steam ahead


- Babcock started on site in October 2014
- The Kusile Power Station consists of 6 supercritical boiler units that will produce 800MW each
- Once completed, Kusile will be one of the largest coal-fired power stations in the world
- Each unit will be 115m high
- Unlike most power stations in South Africa, Kusile will make use of air-cooled condensers instead of the iconic cooling towers
- The contract is for the balanced erection of five high pressure pipework systems for the second of the new 800 MW six pack boiler units at Kusile, w which has now been extended to Unit 3 and ground welds on U4
- Units 2 and 3, and Unit 4 workshop welds are currently underway

Our on-site crew currently comprises 227 people.


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