Gensets go mobile

Babcock In-House Products Proved Popular

Babcock’s competitively priced in-house developed mobile diesel generator sets are proving popular with companies requiring power on site for welding machines, grinding and lighting — wherever grid power is not available or unstable.

Gensets go mobile

The latest order for mobile power, calls for 21 twin-pack and 5 four-pack units for Babcock’s Plant Services Division, the largest empowered mobile cranes and plant hire service provider in South Africa.

We originally designed and commercialised the 50 KVA four-pack mobile unit about three years ago, which has proved extremely successful,” says Babcock’s Industrial Business Manager, Hendrik du Toit. “The first units ordered are still being successfully being used in the field and have proved to be very reliable and robust units, ideal for rugged industrial applications and conditions. "As the market evolved, customers servicing the maintenance industry, needed to be able to undertake more than one powered application at a time. In response we developed a 25 KVA twin-pack to complement the 50 KVA four-pack model, making it possible for more than one operator to weld at the same time, while providing auxiliary
power for grinding and lighting. These units are flexible and also designed to be used as generators if they are not being used for welding applications.”
Mounted on a fully enclosed roadworthy brake axle trailer, these high quality units are being deployed both as generator sets and welding plants that can be towed by a standard light commercial vehicle. Sold with a one year guarantee with unlimited hours, they are very low maintenance systems. The units comprise a brushless electrical alternator, built-in Automatic Voltage Regular that regulates the voltage to 220/380V at 50Hz and a safety shutdown function. With the exception of the major components,which are imported but represented in South Africa, all other parts are locally manufactured.

The twin-pack unit uses a four-cylinder Yanmar 4TNV98 (36.4 kW continuous power @1500 rpm) diesel engine and the four-pack unit uses a four-cylinder Iveco N45SM1A (59 kW Continuous power @1500 rpm) diesel engine.


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