Less fuel. More profit.

What can businesses do to combat the effects of rising fuel costs

Most fleet managers will agree that fuel is a large part of their budgets, if not the biggest. In a long distance transport operation, fuel costs can contribute as much as 50% of the overall cost of ownership of a vehicle.

Less fuel. More profit.

Mark Gavin, Sales Director - Transport Solutions at Babcock, says there are a number of enemies when it comes to fuel, all the way from unnecessary idling, fuel theft to poor driving. Statistics show that a truck idling an average of three hours a day can add an equivalent of over 43 500 km in engine wear and tear in a year. That can add up to an additional R22 000 in maintenance costs.

To combat the effects of continued fuel hikes, businesses should consider leveraging real-time GPS tracking to monitor fuel efficiency. There is a general assertion that one can reduce fuel costs by up to 20-25% through the use of fleet management systems.  Executrax, which comes standard in all DAF Trucks sold by Babcock, allows customers to better understand how fuel is consumed by their fleet and take action to reduce consumption and increase efficiency. Executrax measures harsh acceleration, speeding, harsh braking, among other parameters. It also has a built in mechanism that cuts the vehicle engine off after a pre-determined amount of idling time.

With the right tools and expertise businesses can become more efficient and stretch the boundaries of fuel costs. Start saving now, contact an expert today


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