New bending machine

Fabrication facility invests in new technology

With boiler experience dating back to 1891, Babcock is Africa’s most established and experienced boiler supplier. We offer a full range of specialised support services to power generation and related industries.

New bending machine

Our fabrication facility specialises in fabrication, manipulation and testing of most high pressure tubes for boiler applications, including waterwall furnaces, superheaters, economisers, headers and manifolds.

We recently invested in a new, fully automatic CNC bending machine for the fabrication facility.  Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) refers to the use of a computer to control machine tools. Demonstrating the latest technology, the new machine:

- is ISO-9001 and CE certified
- is easy to operate
- allows for increased flexibility, precision and productivity
is programmed according to engineering drawings to automatically manipulate any length of tube

The fabrication facility also deals with breakdowns and emergencies. In these instances a quick turnaround time is essential. Some emergency jobs may be completed within a few hours while the customer waits.

Among some of the recently completed projects for which the facility has supplied specialist high pressure tubing services is:

- the manufacture of economiser elements for Kelvin Power Station
re-heater tube manipulations for Matla Power Station
tube manipulations for Kendal Power Station
and breakdown support for various other Eskom power stations


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