Power for luxury train

Babcock Awarded Tender

Babcock was awarded a tender for the design and manufacturing of a containerised, dual redundant 250 kVA generator set for use on a luxury train for the Zambian Government. The project was realised using Volvo 734 engines and Marelli alternators.  A turnkey project that included all mechanical work, control panel design as well as electrical reticulation.

Power for luxury train

Behind the glamour of the luxury coaches, the generator set supplied by Babcock is hard at work in the Power Car providing the necessary electrical power to run the lighting, air conditioning, hot water and other power driven services to ensure the pleasure of the diplomatic passengers.

The model TAD734GE offers 250 KVA (Prime power) and is capable of running the auxiliary services for the whole train reliably and fuel efficiently. These engines are expected to run for 23 000 hours before they may need overhauling or repair. This equates to more than 2½ years of continuous running time. Almost equivalent to a President’s tenure in office.