Volvo Service Kits

Optimise machine availability and eliminate unplanned downtime and costs with proactive maintenance and selected service kits. 


Buy a Volvo Service Kit from Babcock at last year's prices*.
Offer is available on kits for selected ADTs, wheel loaders and excavators.

For more info and pricing click here.

Why should you consider a Volvo Service Kit?

  1. Saves you time and money
    Service Kits are cheaper than buying each part separately, and there's no need to spend time searching for parts or waiting for service.
  2. All the parts you need
    Volvo Service Kits contain all the recommended parts for each service interval, helping to prevent unnecessary downtime.
  3. Quality-approved parts
    Volvo Service Kits contain Genuine Volvo Parts which are quality guaranteed and durability tested.
  4. Accurate budget planning 
    Eliminate unforeseen and unplanned downtime and the associated costs 

Save up to 24%* on your Volvo Service Kit.


*Actual savings vary per model and service kit type ie. 1000 hours, 4000 hours etc.
Offer valid while stocks last. Terms & Conditions apply.


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