Providing comprehensive engineering services

Meet Braam Daniels, a Senior Process Engineer at Babcock Ntuthuko Engineering (Babcock).

Meet Braam Daniels, a Senior Process Engineer at Babcock. With nearly six years of dedicated service, Braam has experienced numerous career highlights in his career. His focus has been to provide comprehensive engineering services throughout the lifecycle of industrial process plants and steam generating assets. From design and manufacture to procurement, installation, and maintenance, Babcock plays a vital role in supporting utility and industrial boiler facilities.

Providing comprehensive engineering services

As a key member of the Process Engineering Discipline, Braam takes pride in offering technical and engineering expertise to drive the success of various projects and operations. His responsibilities encompass diverse activities, including feasibility studies, concept design, functional and basic design, support during detail design and construction, commissioning, performance testing, and conducting investigations, troubleshooting, simulations, and data analyses to support client operations.

Working at Babcock has been a source of fulfilment for Braam, as he collaborates with high-performance individuals who share a common purpose. Contributing to the resolution of South Africa's energy crisis through engineering practices is a personal motivation that drives his passion. Balancing time on-site and in the office, Braam enjoys the thrill of solving technical challenges during performance testing and commissioning of steam generating assets and related systems.

Babcock's extensive portfolio of reference projects, technical leadership, intellectual property, engineering software, and resources like reference books and technical standards bolster the team's capabilities and drive innovation. The company's commitment to transformation, empowerment, and inclusivity, along with its active engagement in employee wellness, creates a supportive and positive work environment.

At Babcock, Braam's focus has been on boiler NOx abatement projects, where he has gained valuable experience retrofitting Low NOx Burners for a key South African client. Implementing new technologies to existing assets has reduced NOx emissions, positively impacting the health of nearby communities. Safety remains a top priority for Braam as a process engineer, and it is always at the core of his decisions and actions, ensuring the safety of process systems, equipment, and personnel.

For aspiring engineers, Braam offers insightful advice: "There is no failure, only feedback." Embrace the learning journey, be open to seeking guidance, and learn from mistakes to drive personal and professional growth.

As a member of the Process Engineering Discipline, Braam has actively addressed sustainability challenges related to boilers, such as emissions abatement, life extension, fuel changes, and efficiency improvements. Addressing emissions is vital for environmental sustainability, while ensuring the continued operation of aging coal power plants maintains employment opportunities and sustains fuel value chains. These factors play a crucial role in South Africa's employment and energy security, contributing to the nation's "Just Energy Transition."

Through his work at Babcock, Braam is proud to be part of a team that positively impacts the future of steam and electricity generation in South Africa, driving progress, and promoting sustainable solutions for a better world.



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