The benefits of hiring a crane

A few things to consider when it comes to crane rental

Cranes play an integral role in the construction industry. They are a necessary piece of equipment when your projects include any type of building construction or infrastructure work. Cranes have evolved from simple hoists to mobile truck cranes and huge port cranes, allowing you to transport huge, heavy objects safely and securely.

The benefits of hiring a crane

While business needs and budget constraints will factor into the decision of buying a crane or hiring one, there are a few benefits worth considering when it comes to the latter.

Years of experience
Using the right crane for the job increases uptime and efficiency. Experienced crane hire companies like Babcock will guide you to the best option for your project, taking various factors into account e.g. the length of the boom, radius of rotation, and carrying capacity required.

Repair and maintenance
When hiring a crane you will not need to worry about the repair and maintenance of your equipment. The rental company will ensure that the equipment is well maintained and any necessary repairs are covered under your rental agreement. Hiring a crane also provides access to back-up and support services.

Latest technology
Crane hire companies continuously update their fleets, ensuring you always have cranes with the latest technology at your disposal.

Other benefits of hiring or renting a crane include leases with flexible time periods. If you only need a crane for a short time, you can get a short-term lease. If it turns out you need to keep it longer, the lease can easily be extended.

Need more than one crane? No problem. We have an inventory of 160 cranes ranging from 8 to 600 tons.

Crane hire makes financial sense for companies that may only require a crane for a handful of projects. It can also reduce repair and maintenance costs, provide the benefit of up-to-date equipment and expert help whenever you need it.

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