Volvo EC210DL excavator

Setting a new era in versatility

Latest from Babcock is the 21-tonne (t) Volvo EC210DL crawler excavator, which plugs the gap between the existing Volvo EC200D and EC220D models in the 20-t plus market segment. A major talking point is the machine’s ability to work with a range of attachments, making it the ultimate tool carrier and a go-to machine for different tasks on any site.

Volvo EC210DL  excavator

Getting the most out of a machine is a key factor in fleet owners’ buying decisions. With a special design focus on versatility and best-in-class fuel efficiency, the new Volvo EC210DL excavator from Babcock meets the ever-changing needs of a market that is continuously searching for increased productivity at the lowest cost per tonne of material moved. The first units have arrived in South Africa, with the official launch scheduled for March this year.

Following the discontinuation of the previous B-Series, Babcock now has the right tool to complement its Volvo EC200D and EC220D models. With more than 265 units sold during the past 12 months, the 21-t segment is the most popular size class in the southern African excavator market.

“With its 21-t operating weight, the EC210DL slots right in the middle of our two existing models, giving us the ultimate tool to offer our customers in what we believe is the most competitive segment of the local excavator market,” explains Lance Mannix, GM Sales and Equipment at Babcock’s Equipment division.  


Ideal for plant hire, general construction and small-scale quarrying, the Volvo EC210DL excavator has a special focus on versatility. This is achieved through its sturdy design and a longer undercarriage for greater stability, especially when working with attachments. The machine features a robust frame, combined with optimal engine power and hydraulic pressure, to provide superior digging forces and fast cycle times for greater productivity in all operations.

“Building on a strong tradition, the new EC210DL crawler excavator from Volvo Construction Equipment is equipped with a range of robust features to ensure a superior performance, shift after shift,” explains Mannix. The EC210DL can be fitted with a selection of attachments that work in harmony with the machine to ensure optimal performance and profitability across applications.”

To maximise machine versatility, launch units from Babcock will come fully spec’d with hammer piping, which allows for installation of an array of hydraulic attachments.

Fuel efficiency

Powered by the Tier 3 Volvo D5E engine, the machine is designed to lower fuel consumption and reduce operating costs. The powerful Volvo engine works in harmony with the machine’s proven hydraulics to provide high torque at low rpm for the ultimate combination of performance and improved fuel efficiency.

For fast cycle times and optimum fuel consumption, the EC210DL is equipped with intelligent work modes, including the new G4 work mode. Operators can choose the best mode to suit the task at hand, selecting from I (Idle), F (Fine), G (General), H (Heavy) and P (Power max) mode. Choosing the correct mode according to working conditions ensures added versatility and increased productivity.

“The intelligent ECO mode contributes to the machine’s total improved fuel efficiency – without any loss of performance,” says Mannix. “The design optimises flow and pressure, while maintaining digging power and swing torque.”


Based on Volvo’s understanding that a comfortable operator is a productive one, the excavator is equipped with a spacious and safe operator environment, offering enhanced all-around visibility, an adjustable seat and ergonomic controls. The improved cab interior features a new I-ECU monitor that displays a range of information for efficient operation.

“The EC210DL also features increased hydraulic flow for responsive, accurate control in grading and combined operations. Operators benefit from smoother, easier movement when traveling and lifting simultaneously as well as better grading quality from the harmonised boom and arm movement,” says Mannix.


Every machine is as good as its service, reiterates Mannix. Availability of parts is therefore crucial in ensuring machine uptime for customers. With that in mind, Babcock has established a new national parts distribution centre to enhance efficiency of its supply chain process across all the company’s operations. The streamlined central warehouse will stock spare parts and components for all of Babcock’s business units and will facilitate the swift dispatchment of items to all its national and regional branches, thus maximising uptime for customers.

With the new excavator, customers will also benefit from Babcock’s service contracts. “A benefit of our service contracts is that they are flexible and tailored to meet each customer’s unique needs,” says Mannix. 

A major advantage of Babcock’s R&M contracts is increased machine uptime. The vehicles, says Mannix, are serviced by experts, thus the scheduled downtime related to maintenance is kept to a minimum. Machines are also serviced according to OEM specifications all the time, resulting in longer asset lifecycles.

“Volvo machines on service and R&M contracts are monitored via CareTrack, Volvo CE’s telematics system. CareTrack gives us a wide range of machine monitoring information designed to save customers time and money,” says Mannix.


For their machine purchases, fleet owners can take advantage of Volvo Financial Services’ flexible finance options. Volvo Financial Services, the global captive finance company of the Volvo Group, started operating in South Africa in 2017, and has over the years seen increased growth of its portfolio.

As part of Volvo Group, Volvo Financial Services has in-depth knowledge of the yellow metal equipment market, allowing the captive financial service provider to offer clients a customised solution.

“As a global organisation, Volvo Financial Services leverages local expertise to ensure our local customers’ unique business requirements are addressed through personal attention and tailored, competitive solutions. Apart from the machine, which we are sure brings an unparalleled value offering to the customer in the 21-t market segment, our range of complementary services such as repair & maintenance contracts and flexible in-house financing, speak directly to the needs of the modern-day fleet owner,” concludes Mannix.



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