Volvo Safety Services

Safety is in our DNA

Volvo's range of safety and security features reduce the risk of accidents, interruptions and unexpected costs. Babcock & Volvo's vision of zero accidents demonstrates our combined commitment to the safety of all personnel and equipment, making sure you get the job done – and get home safe everyday.

Volvo Safety Services

The integrated Anti-Theft system for Volvo crawler excavators reduce the risk of machine theft and keeps your investment safe. The system is a wholly Volvo Construction Equipment designed solution. Several triggers such as machine movement, tamper detection, time and geo fencing functionalities detect unauthorized use or transport, allowing you to immobilize and track the machine remotely.

Volvo smart view
For perfect control of your surroundings, the industry-leading Volvo Smart View helps the operator see all angles, ensuring safe rotation in confined working areas. Front, rear and side cameras combine to provide a real-time, overhead view of the machine during operation on the color monitor.

Pin code lock
This option is an easy way to reduce the risk of the machine being stolen. When the option is activated, a PIN code needs to be entered to use the machine. This makes it more difficult for thieves and unauthorized users, but is easy to handle for the proper operator. All the operator needs to do is just enter the code and get to work. Available for Articulated Haulers, Excavators and Wheel Loaders.

Speed limiter
The speed limiter option makes it possible to operate in worksites and countries where speed limitations are imposed. It automatically regulates maximum speed and removes the possibility for the operator to increase the speed and exceed the limit. Available for Dump Trucks and Wheel Loaders. For more information about Speed limiter, contact your local Babcock branch.

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