Volvo Uptime Services

Always on the fast track

Volvo service technicians at Babcock use innovative technology to monitor your machine, diagnose problems early and proactively take corrective actions towards a sustainable resolution. Stay on track with planned servicing and keep your asset covered with our range of flexible maintenance and repair options, and the latest software.

Volvo Uptime Services

Proactive Monitoring
Maximize machine uptime and reduce repair costs. The intelligent telematics service from Volvo monitors machine health remotely to help prevent potential breakdowns.
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Preventative Maintenance
A Preventive Maintenance agreement helps you to focus on your core business and your customers, with peace of mind. Increase efficiency and maximize uptime, to ensure that operations take place at your job site as planned.

At Babcock, we offer you Repair Agreements with different levels of coverage, depending on your specific needs. With a fixed-price Repair Agreement, you will be able to avoid unexpected costs, allowing you to achieve better financial planning and control. 

A combined Preventive Maintenance and Repair Agreement is the ideal solution for machine owners with high expectations of machine uptime and productivity. Our trained Service Technicians can take care of your machine more efficiently, thanks to their in-depth knowledge and proactive approach – detecting problems sooner rather than later, in order to maximize machine uptime.

Oil Analysis
With regular use of Volvo oil analysis you get a comprehensive diagnosis of the machine's condition. The analysis gives a lot of information, e.g., water/coolant content, viscosity, dirt and quantity of metal particles. Thanks to the early warnings provided by the oil analysis you can plan component changes in good time before problems occur, thus avoiding expensive damage and downtime.

Care Inspection
Identify maintenance and repair needs with Care Inspection. With the Care Inspection program, a trained Volvo Service Technician gives your machine a comprehensive checkup in all the areas that matter most: engine, hydraulics, electrical systems, drive train, brakes, steering, cab and operator platform.

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Undercarriage inspection
The Volvo undercarriage inspection program is a full-package of services, ensuring optimized life–time of the undercarriage, and using latest technology of data and information. It creates a tailored service of maintenance, prevention and support. The undercarriage inspection includes MATRIS, Volvo expert, Genuine Volvo Parts and the Visual Inspection. This ensures nothing is overlooked and maximum performance is achieved.

Increased engine protection
This software option for wheel loaders will automatically idle your engine once it reaches critical levels on coolants, oil pressure, boost pressure and temperature. It will give you peace of mind, as it will help you avoid engine breakdowns, even when machine alarms are not monitored.

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