Babcock attends BULL training in India

As Babcock and its new backhoe and skid steer loader principal, BULL, continue to forge strong ties to ensure customer satisfaction, Welcome Wessie, Babcock’s training officer, together with two Babcock technicians, recently attended an in-depth 10-day original equipment manufacturer (OEM) training in India. The training, which entailed 70% practical and 30% theory, provided an opportunity to address technical solutions for the local operating conditions.

Babcock attends BULL training in India

During his stay in India, Wessie managed to interact with all the different divisions of BULL, including the research and development (R&D) team, designers and production engineers. “This afforded me the opportunity to discuss some technical requirements for the southern African market” explains Wessie.

Part of the training schedule included a visit to the assembly facility. Witnessing the assembly process gave Wessie access to partially assembled machines, allowing him to get a grasp of some of the ‘hidden’ components which are generally not accessible on a fully built unit.  

Upon Wessie’s return, an intensive countrywide training programme has been rolled out to ensure that all Babcock technicians are up to speed with the necessary technical knowhow. “The knowledge of the systems we gained during this visit will not only benefit our Babcock technicians, but also our customers. A comprehensive understanding of the product is key to maintaining high machine uptime for our customers,” he says.

Apart from training, Wessie is encouraged by the array of developments being made to the BULL product, especially the skid steer, which will soon be fitted with a digital monitor display, versus traditional switches. This, he says, will enhance operator experience.

“As the construction machinery industry continues to embrace new technology, it is great to see BULL following this trend. As the dealer, we will continue to play our part in the evolution of the BULL product by providing feedback from our local customers. A close relationship between the OEM and the dealer is vital for delivering exceptional customer experiences,” concludes Wessie.


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